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Top Rated Beach Chairs  2019


Top Rated Beach Chairs 2018

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Going to the beach is incredibly popular and there’s a ton of beach equipment on the market.

Some of it is designed and built to last and some isn’t.

Some of it is designed with real beachgoers in mind and some of it isn’t.

Some of it is designed to make your day at the beach better and some of it is designed to make a quick buck.

It’s not always easy to tell the difference, especially when you’re ordering online. That’s where we’ve got your back.

We review beach chairs and other beach equipment so you can make purchasing decisions confident that you have the seaside wisdom to make the right choice.

We’ll be posting reviews from our editors based on their personal experiences with the products in question, as well as reviews from other users.

We don’t believe in posting negative reviews so you can rest assured that everything we feature will meet a certain minimum level of quality.

We’re here to make your trip to the beach everything you imagined it would be, so please, take a look around and if there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Why you should invest in a beach chair?

Beach Chairs

It makes the day more enjoyable at the beach

There is no doubt that sitting in a suitable beach chair could help a lot in making the day enjoyable. You can enjoy the wonderful beach wind and come back with the best of memories behind you. If you are suffering from back pain and other physical problems, there is no doubt that sitting in a beach chair would be a much better option when compared to lying down or sitting on the ground.

You deserve a comfortable stay

One of the main objectives of any beach holiday is enjoyment coupled with comfort. No one would like to spend a hot and sultry day in the beach with improper sitting arrangements. Therefore, it would be a much better option to either hire a beach chair or buy them outright and make the most out such holidays. It is particularly comfortable for elderly and those with physical challenges and they can recline and enjoy their holidays. It could help you to stay protected from the sun.

You have your own choice of sitting

You can choose your own place of sitting if you decide to enjoy your beach holiday with the right beach chair. Most of them are light, easily foldable and portable. Therefore, you can easily move from one place to another should you want. In case of rain or in case the heat becomes too hot for comfort you can choose a different place to sit because these chairs occupy very little space.


Our Favorite Beach Chairs 2018

It’s time for what you’ve really been waiting for – our top picks from all the beach chairs reviews included on the blog. From beach lounger to beach chair with canopy or backpack beach chair we’ve checked out the best and narrowed down the choices to our editors’ favorites.


“Best bang for your buck”

If you are looking for a beach chair that doesn’t cost a great deal, then this is the chair for you. It has a breathable and cooling reinforced mesh back that provides you an extremely comfortable sitting experience. This sturdy foldable chair is not only ideal for beaches but is also ideal for camps, outdoor concerts, hiking, and many other places. The chair also has a cup holder so that you can enjoy your drink easily. Heavy-duty steel frame and the stable structure have made it a durable product that is sure to last for years.

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"Great for carrying around"

This heavy-duty foldable chair having padded armrests is perfect for the beach, camping, picnics, and other outdoor plans. The chair also has a large zippered pocket at the back top back edge of the headrest that allows you to keep your relevant things handy with you. The silver-colored powder-coated steel and durable 600D polyester fabric makes this chair strong and long-lasting. This chair is extremely lightweight which makes it perfect for being carried out to places with ease.

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Packable Beach Chairs with Shoulder Straps

“Great for oversized folks"

This sturdy aluminum framed comforting chair is loaded with features and is ideal for oversized people. You can experience sublime comfort with the availability of extra wide seat. This extra space makes it easy for oversized people to fit in the chair perfectly. The padded headrest makes laying back much easier and comfortable. You can enjoy your drinks easily with the help of a drink holder that remains at the side. Moreover, you can choose from four different folding positions for varying comfort. If you don’t want the headrest and the drink holder, you can simply take them off with ease and reinstall them at your own comfort and preference.

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“Great for keeping your drinks cool”

 This is the best available beach chair in the market for tall people. Unlike other folding chairs, this chair doesn’t seem flimsy when tall people sit on it. The insulated snack cooler that comes with this chair helps keep your drinks cooler for long hours. A side table along with a cup holder are also available that can be easily folded without any hassle. Padded hard armrests and breathable moisture-wicking fabric are the main features that make this chair special. You can easily set and fold this chair in seconds and it also requires very less space for storage.

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“Great for getting maximum comfort” 

This chair is different from other traditional beach chairs and is sure to take your comfort zone to a whole new level. The chair is made with UV-resistant mesh, a sturdy steel frame, and a comfortable removable pillow. What else is needed for a comfortable sitting? If you like enjoying drinks and reading books, then you can install the cup holder tray whenever you want. The lockable reclining system and replaceable elastic cords make the chair adjust to your body and provide you maximum comfort and relaxation. Don’t let its look fool you, you can easily fold this chair and carry it effortlessly.

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Anti Gravity Beach Chair for Your Ultimate Relaxation

“Coolest beach mat"

If you want to take a break from the conventional beach chairs, then these chairs are just perfect for you. Apart from being lightweight and compact, they are loaded with deluxe features. This fully padded lounger has large zipper pockets for keeping personal items handy with you. Despite having a strong built, it is extremely compact and lightweight. The best part about this chair is that the back adjusts to any comfortable angle you like which is sure to provide you comfort and calmness.

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Lightweight Beach Lounger with Adjustable Back Rest

“Great for resting under the sun"

This chair gives you ultimate relaxation experience under the sun. This portable folding chair is easy to carry and comes with an adjustable canopy. Use of tough 600D polyester has made the chair water and stain resistant. The patented design of the canopy allows the sunshade to raise, lower, and even tilt to either side to block the sun from any angle. This way you can easily rest under the sun without the sun rays directly falling over your head. The double steel frame and premium quality fabric make this chair long lasting and reliable.

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“Great for two people” 

The roomy design allows two persons to sit at a time. This is the main feature that separates it from other chairs in the same category. The strong steel frame and premium fabric used in the chair make sure that the chair lasts for years and both people sitting on it feel extremely comfortable. You get two cup holders on either side along with two convenient seat back pockets. You can easily store and carry it without any hassle, as it is extremely lightweight and compact.

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“Great for storing all your stuff on the beach"

This sturdy and extremely comfortable chair is very handy and you can easily carry it anywhere you want without hassle. The chair is carrying straps, so you can easily fold it and then carry it on your shoulders. This chair is ideal for you if you like carrying many items on the beach. The large storage space allows you to keep your phone, book, camera, snacks, and other stuff that you require on your beach outing. You can even detach the insulated cooler and armrest if you wish to. With this chair, you can expect to get ‘built to last’ lifetime guarantee.

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High Seat Heavy Duty Big and Tall Beach Chair with Drink Holder

“Great for your little kids"

This cute little beach chair is for kids who are older than 2 years of age. As the chair is for kids, it comes with a safety lock so that your kid can sit safely without any chance of falling down. The use of soft and strong fabric makes sure that your kid feels comfortable while sitting on the chair. It can be easily folded flat for facilitating easy storage and transportation.

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What you should know before buying beach chair?

While there are obviously a number of benefits and advantages in choosing the right beach chair, you must make it a point that you are getting the best value for money. With so many options being available your task may not be as easy as it seems. Therefore, you must spend considerable time doing the right research and then come to a buying decision. Here are some important points to be kept in mind when it comes to buying or renting beach chairs. Being aware of these points will help you to look out for them with a clear and crisp mind.

Beach Chair

Some materials might be more suitable for your needs than others

The materials used for making the frame of a beach chair is an important consideration. While different users could have different preferences, you must be sure about one common quotient:

The material must be tough and at the same time it must be light!

Since beach chairs will be exposed to salty water and saline atmosphere, you must be sure that it is corrosion proof and rustproof. Though aluminum is a good material, you must ensure that it has an anti-rust and anti-corrosion coating on it.

There are quite a few synthetic materials which could also be chosen. For example, molded plastic furniture is in great demand and they also made excellent materials for beach chair. They are extremely light and they could be molded in any shape or design. They come in attractive colors and most importantly they are waterproof. Further compared to steel and other materials they are less prone to rust and corrosion though some bit of damage, over a period of time may not be avoidable. In addition to that, they could be more cost effective compared to other materials and this could be one reason as to why they are very commonly chosen.

Do the chairs last long and require little maintenance?

If you are planning to buy beach chairs outright instead of renting it, you must ensure that you will get the best value for money. The chairs should have a reasonably long life and on an average any goods make with the best of construction should last for around ten to fifteen years and perhaps even more. You should also look for chairs which are easy to maintain and they should not have too many moving parts. They should be easily washable and such regular washing should not damage the joints and other places.

Are the chairs foldable and easy to be carried around?

Beach chairs need to be moved around frequently and therefore they should be light. They should be folded without hassle and even children should be able to move it easily. Since it is likely that many of us will be moving on beach sand barefoot, the chairs should really be light and should have as little bulk as possible. Carrying it for reasonably long distances should not be a burden failing which it might spoil the whole mood. Furthermore, if you are traveling in a car or other such vehicles, you must be sure that the beach chairs can be easily hauled over long distances. It would be always better to look for chairs with ergonomic design which perhaps makes it easier to carry them in vehicles over long distances.

We all want to look stylish on the beach!

While there is no doubt that quality of materials and portability are important, one cannot brush aside the look and feel of it. No one would like to sit on a beach chair that looks dull and drab. If you look around you will certainly come across a number of beach chairs with the best of designs. In fact, you could also choose chairs in some of the brightest colors. If you have a theme in mind, you could perhaps even build on it. Given the various options now being available you are only limited by your imagination. It would be ideal to choose a chair that has the right combination of looks and sturdiness. If you look around some websites or do some window shopping in good brick and mortar shops, you certainly will be able to have the best combination of looks and durability.

best beach chair

Nowadays beach chairs should come with fun accessories

Beach chairs do not come alone and they are accompanied with a number of other accessories. Since you will be using them in sunshine and perhaps even during rain, it should have the right kind of accessories. There are some basic requirements which must be in place. For example, they should have a good quality canopy which must be easily installed and uninstalling should also happen speedily. The canopies should be able to protect you from sun and other elements of the nature. They must be strong enough to withstand medium gusts of wind. The color and design features should also be kept in mind when choosing canopies.

You must also try and look at other accessories like cup holders and arm rest. It should be comfortable enough to allow you to sip a drink or two without having to worry as to where to keep the cup. Many beach chairs also come with side pockets, and foot-rests which are extremely important especially for those who are aged or even those who want complete relaxation after a tiring few hours in the sea waters.

It should be comfortable and provide ultimate relaxation

Comfort is another important point which should never be lost sight of when buying beach chairs. They must provide reclining facility, and if needed they also should have high backrest and facilities for footrest amongst other things. These are quite useful for those who are elderly and even those who have special physical conditions like stiff joints, arthritis and various other problems. Even elders and people with special physical conditions and challenges must be able to fold the chairs easily should the need arise. It must be a good combination of comfort, lightweight and ease of portability.

We are sure that the above few points would give a reasonably good idea about the various points to be kept in mind when buying or hiring beach chairs. When you decide to buy it, you must always look for branded ones though they might come with a slightly higher price tag.


Beach Chair F.A.Q

beach chair for sale

What Kind of Beach Chair Should I Choose?

If you look around you will come across different types of beach chairs. You must do some research and choose the chair which meets your specific requirement. If your height is above normal, you may have to refrain from choosing chair which has a low ground clearance area. The material which is used for making the chair, the portability factors and the ease of installing/uninstalling or folding/unfolding are factors which you must keep in mind.

I Am Oversized, How Much Weight Will a Normal Beach Chair Support?

The type of beach chair which you choose is also dependent on the weight it has to bear. Normally any good chair should be easily able to accommodate up to 250 lbs. quite easily. However, if there are people who are overweight, obese or largely built, then they have to spend some time looking for the right option. There are quite a few jumbo beach chairs which can easily accommodate persons having a weight of almost up to 500 lbs. Alternately you could also customize the chairs to suit specific purposes.

What Material Is the Most Durable and Comfortable?

The type of material also plays an important role when you are planning to buy beach chairs. There are two aspects as far as materials are concerned. The first is the frame on which the chair and the fabrics will set. You have quite a few options to choose from. You could go in for aluminum, stainless steel, wrought iron or even sand-free material for mat type of chairs. As far as the fabric is concerned, here also you have quite a few options available. Polyester is one of the most common materials which are preferred. However, you must be sure that the quality is good. It must not cause allergies and rashes in the body.

What’s the Most Portable Type Of Beach Chair?

Though there are different types of beach chairs that are light and easy to port around, customers in general have a liking for backpack beach chairs. They fit snugly on the back and since they are lightweight it can be carried for long distances.

What’s A Good Beach Chair for Kids?

Any beach chair that is stable, with a low ground clearance is good enough. They should be free from sharp edges and have as few moving parts as possible. Stability is a factor which must be kept in mind, especially since the surface is sandy and slippery. Try having a look at our editor's favorite beach chair for kids.