High Seat Heavy Duty Big and Tall Beach Chair with Drink Holder

A relaxing day on the beach is just not the same without a comfortable beach chair to lounge back and relax in. Before you pack the umbrella and sand toys, do some shopping for the perfect beach chair. A great high off the ground beach chair is one that is light and easy to transport, is compact and easy to store, and of course, is comfortable.

High-seat Heavy Duty Big & Tall Beach Chairs - Top Picks

While stores like Walmart and Target sell beach chairs, it is best to shop for them online. Shopping for beach chairs online will give you the best selection, and you can search year-round. On Amazon.com, retailers like BeachMall have a wide variety of beach chairs to choose from.

One of their most popular high off the ground beach chairs sold by BeachMall is the Extra Large - High Seat Heavy Duty 3 Position Beach Chair with Drink Holder. Read on to learn more about the best features of this chair and some of the comments from individuals who have purchased it.

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BeachMall Extra Large - High Seat Heavy Duty Beach Chair Features

  • The chair’s fabric is double-sided polyester that is ultra-durable
  • The polyester material is triple coated so that it wicks away water and dries quickly
  • The chair has four reclining positions so that you can sit up to read a book or lounge back to take a nice relaxing nap
  • It features shoulder straps and a carrying handle for ease of transport to and from the beach
  • This extra large beach chair is very durable and has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds
  • It features a zippable bag that can be detached, which is perfect for storing your personal items
  • With 22” between the wooden armrests, it is a wide-bodied seat that you can sink into and get comfortable
  • The wooden handles are sealed and coated so that they can easily withstand the salt, water, and sand of the beach
  • The chair features a padded headrest and a built-in cup holder


  • The chair is easy to set up
  • It can be transported to and from the beach with carrying straps. This enables you to have two free hands for carrying all of your other beach essentials
  • It is constructed with lightweight, yet durable aluminum frame. In total, the chair only weighs 7 lbs.
  • This sturdy beach chair is not just great for the beach but also for use in the backyard, patio, at outdoor parties, and on camping trips
  • In the folded position, these chairs are compact and can be easily stored in the garage or shed. They also fit into just about any sized car trunk
  • There are multiple color options including light and dark blue
  • The polyester fabric of the chair dries out very quickly, so after you get out of the water, you are not sitting in a wet chair for the rest of the day
  • The chair is 13.5” high off the ground, making it is easy to get into and to get out of. It also offers a high back and four reclining positions for maximum comfort. It is very easy to adjust from one relining position to the next. Simply lift the wooded handles and lean forward or backwards
  • The aluminum, which is rust resistant, can stand up to the saltiest of sea breezes
  • The cup holder is a great resting place for the cold beverage of your choice
  • Overall, customers are extremely happy with the quality and comfort of these large beach chairs.


  • The chair does not lay completely flat, so it is not ideal if you are trying to lie on your stomach or tan your back
  • Some people report that the cup holder is a bit small; it cannot fit a typical soda can with a cozy in it
  • The chair is a bit on the pricy side, depending on the site that you find it on. The shipping can also be quite expensive
  • People who have purchased the chair and returned it, report that the return process is expensive
  • Some users report that the polyester split after just one year of use even though they were below the maximum weight limit and stored it in a dry garage.


A comfortable, sturdy chair is essential for a summer vacation at the beach, or the lake, or even regular backyard barbecuing and entertaining. The Extra Large - High Seat Heavy Duty 3 Position Beach Chair with Drink Holder, available from BeachMall is a great investment for the regular beach goer.

Overall, the vast majority of individuals who have reviewed these high seat beach chairs are satisfied with their comfort, durability, and lightweight ease of transport. So, before you head out on your summer beach vacation, add one of these great chairs to your packing list!