Types of Beach Chairs


Beach vacations provide the ultimate relaxation experience. Occasionally, it is common to take random trips to the beach. Often people will engage in sporting leisure activities, however, once in a while it’s necessary to take a breather. Some will relax on the actual sand while others may enjoy sunbathing on a beach chair.

Beach Chairs Types

Beach chairs are a bucket list item that beachgoers should consider when planning their trip. In order to improve choice selection, let us consider some of the available options out there.


Folding chairs

This is perhaps the most popular option for any beachgoer. Folding chairs are simple to use for both adults and kids. They are available in several frame options from aluminum, plastic to a wood. Storage and mobility are quite easy you need not worry about changing sitting positions. When selecting a folding chair consider non-corrosive frames to ensure a longer lifespan. If you are an artistic person, you can always select customized fabric or better yet, make it a DIY project. Moreover, most households have folding chairs in their storage spaces; they can come in handy provided they have a firm base.

Backpack beach chair

Backpack chairs, as the name suggest are chairs that you can handle as a carrier bag. If you are a light traveler then this is an ideal chair for you. Arguably, it’s the most portable chair in the market. It is equally suitable for large groupings when everyone is busy carrying their most treasured accessories. Build quality is a key consideration when making a choice, as there are several brands available. There are also different color schemes and styles across the board. It is important to note that backpack chairs have a low sitting position.

Canopy beach chairs

When looking for complete packages consider this type of chair. This chair incorporates a canopy to create artificial shade. Therefore, this ensures any sitting position along the beach can work for you. The extended canopy offers protection from harmful UV rays. Most canopy designs are adjustable meaning you can pull the shade up or down depending on your need. Some chairs have a permanent attachment to the canopy, while others are detachable with a simple reconstruction guide.

Beach lounge chairs

Lounge chairs are for individuals who really want to achieve utmost comfort on the beach. They are similar to folding chairs, often with a one-step fold-up action. They are elongated compared to other types to provide more legroom and ensure a good body rest position. People with back problems may benefit from this model. Lounge chairs also have different angled recline positions. Modern designs provide great cushioning with the available add-ons like a canopy to maximize your comfort. Some brands also have cup holders that elevate that beach experience with a cool drink. Several models are portable and easy to handle.

Sand chairs

These types are stylish low-ground chairs that tend to be very simple in design. Sand beach chairs allow different fold-up positions that can take a nearly horizontal position. Some brands have adjustable backs that heighten the comfort experience. Although not suitable for people with leg problems, kids and adults can use them quite comfortably. They are also quite firm on a loose sandy beach. Sand chairs come with cool colors that are enticing especially to kids.

Wood beach chair

Purely made of wood, wood chairs have a longer life span. Wood is not susceptible to rust and can endure long exposure to UV rays. Additionally, other types of beach chair may use a wood frame as part of its main component. Wood chairs are equally available in different design specs. They also have a higher price tag than the rest.

Padded beach chairs

A padded chair can be compared to any random beach chair with extra cushioning. They add extra cushioning on the back and bum phase of the chair. Padded chairs mean you can enjoy longer hours comfortably sitting on the beach.

Beach hammock and camp chairs

Though a hammock is not actually a chair they perform some shared functions. Beach hammocks provide a stable rocking experience. On the other hand, camping chairs may do just fine at the beach. Strong and sturdy brands will work in delivering comfort.