Tommy Bahama 2018 Backpack Cooler Chair Review


Any trip to the beach is not complete without a beach chair. Once you opt out of sitting on a towel and buy a chair, there is a wide selection facing you. With different materials, colors, and styles, all offering their own bonus features and accessories, it can be a hard decision to make. You want to enjoy your day at the beach and comfort is the best way to soak up the ambiance around you. Researching and reading reviews on the options available is the best way to make an informed decision.

Coming from the Tommy Bahama brand, a name synonymous with the beach, the 2018 Backpack Cooler Chair is a fun, useful and economical choice for your beach outings.

Tommy Bahama 2018 Backpack Cooler Chair Features

  • A lightweight and rustproof sturdy aluminum frame
  • Chair supports up to 250-lb. weight capacity
  • The frame is adjustable to 5 different reclining positions
  • Chair seat sits less than 9” from the floor
  • Made of a lightweight 600D polyester material
  • Chair has an insulated beverage or storage pouch attached
  • Cell phone holder and a cup holder also come as standard in the molded armrests
  • Adjustable pillow attached to the back of the chair
  • Includes a towel bar that folds out from the back
  • The chair folds up into a backpack-style carrier with adjustable shoulder straps


  • The 5 different reclining positions, including lying flat, allow you to enjoy the beach or event in any way that you are comfortable. Being able to lay out flat is a feature appreciated by sun bathers
  • The chair folds down into a lightweight portable backpack, which can be stored and carried easily. This makes it perfect for those trips where you have to walk from a parking lot or to find the best beach location
  • With padded shoulder straps, the chair is easy to carry and with the top locking snap-clip, the chair will not fall open as you transport it. Being able to carry the chair hands-free is great so you can carry other items
  • The lightweight polyester material dries quickly in the event it gets wet
  • The cooler pouch is large enough to hold food, drinks or other items like a Bluetooth speaker, sunscreen or wallet and keys. You can store unused items and bring snacks with you to concerts, the beach or camping
  • The folding towel rack is attached to the back and can be pulled out when needed to dry towel or hang any other items. It folds back up easily behind the chair when not in use
  • The seat is less than 9” from the ground, making it a low-profile chair, perfect for venues that have height restrictions for seating
  • Bright blue color makes the chair fun and easy to spot on a crowded beach or at concerts or shows
  • Made under the famous Tommy Bahama brand, these chairs come with a standard of reliability and are recognized as ambassadors of summer fun, the island life, beach escapes and fun
  • Attached pillow for head comfort at the back of the chair can also be flipped over the back in case you decide you don’t want to use it



  • The chair can be tricky to fold up and close because it is done from the bottom. Once you carefully read the instructions and get the hang of it though. it is not a problem. It can be a frustrating situation to start with though
  • The lightweight material can rip or tear easily, especially if snagged on something or if weight is too great. The frame is lightweight and can collapse easily if there is too much weight on it. The specifications state up to 250 lbs., but problems have been noted around the 220-lb. mark
  • Being that this is an older model of chair, the phone holder is small and not able to accommodate the new larger smart phones
  • The height of the chair is 27”, making it lower than most chairs; taller individuals may not be able to use the pillow head rest and it may be uncomfortable
  • While the pouch is a great idea for storing items, if it is not carefully closed, items will fall out and can get lost if you are on the move. It is best to make sure everything is secure before folding it up and moving on


As a simple and lightweight chair for toting around with you, the Tommy Bahama 2018 Backpack Cooler Chair is a good choice. It offers several unique and useful features like the storage pouch and folding towel rack, and can be easily folded up to take on the go.

Ideal for concerts, camping and beach trips, this chair is versatile and not a burden. The lightweight material and frame may not be as durable as other chairs and it is certainly not a fit for taller individuals, so this needs to be considered before buying.

For the price, you definitely want to make sure this is something you will get use out of, so make sure to research and read reviews. For simplicity and functionality purposes, this chair is a good choice.