The Different Types of Beach Chairs You Have to Know


The beach is a wonderful place to be—you have the waves, the colors of the ocean, the sand and the sun. One great way to enjoy your spot by the beach is to get a great beach chair. There are lots of portable beach chairs being sold today that are designed to be transported without many hassles.

Different Types of Beach Chairs

They give your comfort and allow you to be sand-free. How much do beach chairs cost these days? Beach chairs can go for as little as $12 or as high as $70. However, they do not go beyond the hundred-dollar mark. If you want more information about beach chairs, read the rest of the article.

Beach Chair Materials

Beach chairs are made from different types of materials. Every material has its advantages, however, the chair you pick should be based on your preferences. Here are some of the most commonly used materials.

  • Aluminum

The aluminum chair is lightweight and can be transported from one place to another easily. However, it needs to be handled with care because the aluminum material is often prone to dents.

  • Wood

Wood beach chairs often have a classic design and remain a constant favorite due to the material being a poor conductor of heat. Because of this factor, you won’t feel the wood heating up under the sun.

However, they are heavier compared to aluminum models and require minor maintenance. To preserve their appearance, wooden beach chairs have to be given a light varnish and undergo a bit of sanding.

  • Steel

Steel chairs are durable and can last for years. How much do beach chairs cost that are made of steel material? They are often referred to as an investment due to their higher prices. They also require maintenance since they can succumb to rusting and corrosion if not tended to properly.

Kinds of Beach Chairs

As mentioned previously, beach chairs come in many styles. Here are some of the bestsellers.

  • Sand chair

The sand chair is the typical type of beach chair that you often see poolside at hotels and beach resorts. They are low to the ground, and if you are into sitting by the surf, they are nice chairs to have. If you love tanning, the sand chair is also recommended since it allows users to stretch their legs completely.

However, its design might not be for individuals with bad hips or knees. Although, lots of sand chairs have adjustable backs which can be arranged in a nice selection of positions, while a number of models even feature headrests. They are also the most stable chairs due to the inclusion of horizontal metal frames.

  • Folding beach chair

The folding beach chair is stable and strong according to experts and the majority of users. Due to the inclusion of a frame design, it may also come with armrests and even drink holders.

These drink holders are often used to store drinks or other items as well, from sunglasses to bottles of sunscreen. The folding beach chair will also accommodate the needs of bigger individuals. However, it is heavier compared to other beach chairs.

  • Lounge chairs

Lounge chairs are very comfortable since they allow users to fully stretch out. Most people who are into tanning love this chair. How much do beach chairs cost? In terms of lounge chairs, there is a large variety of prices and comfort levels available. Lounge chairs are available with or without arms.

Many models also include adjustable backs that can be set into an upright position or a completely flat one. There are even models that have face holes and arm holes so you can read your book while lying on your belly.

  • Backpack beach chair

The backpack beach chair is the one for you if you want something portable. It has straps for carrying the chair like a backpack. They are handy in case you are carrying other items while walking. It is available in a wide range of styles, from camp styles to folding styles. They are quite sturdy as well, and can accommodate up to 250 pounds of weight.

You can find beach chairs in all categories based on your preferences. How much do beach chairs cost? The prices of beach chairs will often be based on the material used and their features. As mentioned previously, prices do vary, but the chairs are still quite affordable in general so you will definitely find something that will suit your budget.