Portable Beach Chairs with Umbrella

Maybe you like to stretch your toes into the surf as you read a favorite book. Perhaps you prefer to have your toes snuggled by the warm sand as you enjoy the atmosphere at the beach. Either way, a portable beach chair with an umbrella is the perfect way to unlock the perfection of your favorite moments.

Umbrellas are a common sight at world-class resorts around the globe. Instead of renting one, this chair design allows you to bring your own. When properly anchored, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you don’t even need to worry about the umbrella blowing away.

That means you’ve got only one thing to worry about: how you’re going to relax the next time you go to explore the outdoors. 

Editor's Favorite Portable Beach Chairs with Umbrella

Why Choose a Beach Chair with an Umbrella?

It can be a lot of fun to bake in the sun when visiting the beach. Your skin, however, might have a different opinion on the matter.

Even with sunblock or suntan lotion applied appropriately, there may be sun exposure risks for some individuals during a sunny day at the beach. A portable beach chair with an umbrella helps to minimize these risks rather effectively.

Certain demographics should consider owning this type of beach chair to enhance their protection against the health risks that come with UV-related sunshine exposure.

  • Children. Their skin tends to be more sensitive and thinner than the skin of an adult.
  • Sun Sensitive Individuals. Some people have fair skin that burns easily under the sun, requiring a greater level of protection than the average person.
  • People Taking Medication. Certain medications can increase the skin sensitivity that occurs with sunline exposure. Even some herbal supplements are known to cause this issue.
  • High Elevation Residency. Sunlight intensity is much greater at a higher elevation. Going to a mountain beach, even on a cool day, provides a sunburn risk.

Even if you have a darker skin tone, repeated UV exposure can lead to burns. Repetitive damage to the skin is known to be a risk factor for future health concerns. That’s why now is the right time to get serious about protecting the skin from the sun.

A beach chair with an umbrella does just that without restricting your access to one of your favorite outdoor activities. 

How Much Protection Does a Beach Chair with an Umbrella Provide?

Umbrellas are often thought of as an easy way to protect oneself from the rain. Turns out that they’re pretty good at protecting people from the UV radiation that the sun puts forth as well.

Any functioning umbrella offers the potential of UV protection, including handheld models. A black handheld umbrella, on its own, can block about 90% of ultraviolet rays that are present on a cloudless day.

What you’ll find with beach chairs that come with an umbrella is a product that comes with a UPF rating. UPF stands for “ultraviolet protection factor.” It is a specific measurement which indicates how much UVA and UVB light passes through the material when exposed to direct sunlight.

Anything with a UPF rating of 15 or higher is placed into a “good” protection category. At this level, the effective UV transmission rate is 6.7%.

The best portable beach chairs in this category have a UPF rating of 50 or higher. At this level, the effective UV transmission rate is reduced to 2.5% or lower.

When combined with a wide-brimmed hat or protective clothing with similar UPF ratings, the impact of the sun can be quite minimal. 

Should I Purchase a Beach Chair with an Umbrella?

Not every beach experience may benefit from an umbrella feature. Beaches in regions that are generally cloudy, windy, and cooler receive minimal benefits from an umbrella. This is especially true if the beach is at or near sea level.

Think about it like this: if you visit the beach in the spring near Seattle, you might not need the umbrella. If you visit a beach in Miami at any time of year, you’ll probably want one.

Even then, the benefit of the portable chair design with an included umbrella is that you’re ready for changing conditions. What happens if the sun comes out and the beach becomes hotter than you like? With an umbrella present, you can give yourself the cool shade that you need.

Whether it is a shade cover, a canopy, or some other form of a sun shade, having a detachable umbrella for a beach chair is a choice that should always be considered. That way, you can create perfect moments at the beach all year long.