The Must-have Lightweight Beach Lounger with Adjustable Back Rest

If you are going to lounge around and enjoy the weather or the view, make sure you do it comfortably and in style all while keeping your wallet happy.

There are so many options available on the market when it comes to beach chairs, so it is worth researching them in terms of price, features and style.

Finding a chair perfect for sporting events, lounging in the backyard, watching outdoor concerts, and going camping or to the beach does not have to be a daunting task. Coming from San Diego, Lightspeed Outdoors offers the 2-Pack Lightweight Beach Lounger with Adjustable Back-rest for your comfort and pleasure.

Our Favorite Lightweight Beach Loungers with Adjustable Back Rest


Lighspeed Outdoors 2-Pack Lightweight Beach Lounger with Adjustable Back Rest Features

  • Two loungers included in the set
  • Compact, foldable coated powdered-steel frame
  • Lightweight and easy to carry to and from your destination
  • Integrated shoulder straps for carrying when folded up
  • Fully padded with adjustable backrest
  • Large zipper pocket for personal items/storage
  • Two positions available; sitting or lying down
  • Available in two different colors: blue stripes or green stripes.
  • Attractive and trendy design
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty



  • With options to sit up as a chair or to lie flat to catch the sun or really relax and be comfortable, this chair provides versatility for any occasion. Being able to lie down flat is a feature appreciated by sun bathers
  • The chair folds up into a lightweight portable backpack, which can be easily stored and carried. This makes it perfect for those trips where you have to walk from a parking lot or to find the best beach location
  • With shoulder straps, the chair is easy to tote around and securely fastens so as not to fall open while you are walking. Carrying the chair hands-free allows your hands to be free to hold other important items
  • The zippered pouch is large enough to hold food, drinks or other items like a phone, sunscreen, or wallet and keys. Ideal for storing items not in use and to bring snacks with you to concerts, the beach or camping
  • The seat rests directly on the floor, making it a low-profile chair, perfect for venues that have height restrictions for seating. It is also ideal for keeping you close to the sandy beaches
  • Available in two colors, both of which are fun and trendy, fitting in to every situation and occasion
  • Made with lightweight and sturdy material, that is easy to clean off and dries quickly. Material is able to breathe so it does not collect odors
  • Made by Lightspeed Outdoors, the chair is backed by a great reputation for outdoor-related products and a friendly customer service department
  • Two seats are provided in the pack, making one either a great replacement or for a companion on your travels
  • Attached pillow for head comfort at the back of the chair can also be flipped over the back in case you decide you don’t want to use it


  • This item is only sold as set of two, so for some buyers the second chair is a waste of money. While it can be used as an alternative, some consumers may not want to have to worry about storing an additional chair and really only want to have one. Fortunately, Lightspeed Outdoors also offers the deluxe version of this beach lounger, an ultimate upgraded version with additional cup holder.


  • The lightweight material can rip or tear easily, especially if snagged on something or if weight is too great. The frame is also lightweight which means it can bend easily if too much pressure or weight is applied
  • Being close to the ground can allow for bumpy items underneath to be felt. Although the chair is fully padded, sometimes bulky items like rocks may be felt through the material
  • The position of the chair when sitting is the only one offered so depending on your size, it may be uncomfortable. Discomfort may also occur when sitting on uneven terrain because you are essentially sitting directly on the ground
  • While the pouch is a great idea for storing items, the zipper needs to be secured to ensure that items do not fall out and get lost if you are on the move


In terms of simplicity and ease of use, the Lightspeed Outdoors 2-Pack Lightweight Beach Lounger with Adjustable Back Rest is a great option. With unique and useful features such as the zippered pouch for your valuables, the easy fold-up technology, and straps for easy travel and affordability, the chair is great for beaches and other outdoor events. Supported by a limited warranty and a highly regarded customer service team, customers can be assured of satisfaction. The lightweight nature of the chair may be cause it to be subject to easy damage, so if you are looking for longevity and durability, other options may fare better. Offered as pack of two can either be ideal or an inconvenience, so personal preferences are going to be the deciding factor.