Low Profile Folding Beach Chair with Mesh Back and Cup Holder 300 lbs

Summer is here once more, and nothing beats celebrating the season with a vacation by the sea. You can enjoy your time on the beach by having a reliable beach chair around. While some resorts and hotels offer beach chair rentals for their customers to use, it is suggested that you instead purchase and carry your own. So, if you want something that will get you by on those excellent summer nights, make sure to check out this KingCamp Low Profile Folding Beach Chair with Mesh Back and see if this will become one of your go-to options.

KingCamp Low Profile Folding Beach Chair with Mesh Back Features

  • Has arm rests wrapped with comfortable, soft foam
  • Includes drink holder
  • Has low seat and large leg cup for stability
  • Comes with highly breathable, comfortable and cooling strengthened mesh back
  • Has seat height of 7.9 inches and width of 20.8 inches
  • Includes heavy-duty steel frame that weighs6 lbs.
  • Can support up to 300 lbs.
  • Can open and close within seconds
  • Easy to use and keep by means of carrying bag and straps
  • Can fit into majority of vehicle trunks


A low sitting folding beach chair like the KingCamp Low Sling model is a great means to keep your posterior away from the sand while you’re on the beach. They are often useful and convenient, and allow for flexible seating spots.

The model comes with a steel based construction which provides it with a sturdy foundation. It is an outdoor product that is always beach ready and fun to use by the shore.

Another great advantage of the folding chair is its functionality. The folding design of the fixture always helps with comfort and cushioning.

The folding chair concept was improved later on to assist people who have some problems getting in and out of standard chairs. Another kind of folding chair is the beach kind, and it has since proven its worth, is a constant favorite of avid beachgoers everywhere.

A folding chair can easily fold up into a trimmer unit so it can be moved from one place to another. It is also sturdy, so it can be used as frequently as you please and without breaking down prematurely. Now, if you want something that will endure the elements found at locations like the beach, you have to opt for a sturdy beach chair.

This low profile folding chair by KingCamp is the low seat type which makes it easier for the chair to acclimatize itself into the sand so users can enjoy the feel of the ground under them and not get sand on themselves.

KingCamp is a known manufacturer of outdoor gear, so it is safe to say that this beach chair from the company performs well in terms of comfort and functionality. It has a mesh back so you will feel comfortable even during the hottest summer day.

You can take in the pleasure of relaxing by the shore by using this low profile beach chair. Its armrest is completely wrapped with soft and comfortable foam material, plus it includes a cup holder to hold drinks. The leg cup and lower seat lead to a more stable chair, so it can be used on sandy surfaces.

Its greatest advantage would have to be the mesh back, which is very breathable, comfortable and provides the coolness that users need in order to feel comfy using the chair on a particularly hot day.

If you are worried about the strength of the frame, there is nothing to be apprehensive about since this chair is made of heavy-duty steel material that can accommodate weights up to 300 lbs. It can open and close in a matter of seconds, which helps with convenience and practicality.

Best of all, it does not require any complicated steps to fold and unfold it. It is very easy to use and you can keep it in the carry bag provided by the manufacturer.


Prior to testing the item, we have learned that this product has earned lots of raves from other customers. We have to agree with this take, since it did not display any drawbacks upon usage. It was very comfortable and was not a hard product to use.


You should stop your search and just snap up the KingCamp Low Profile Folding Beach Chair with Mesh Back right now. It has all the proper elements that one needs in a beach chair— durability, comfortable mesh back, soft and comfy arms, a sturdy steel frame and quality construction. This is the only beach chair you need.

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