Anti Gravity Beach Chair for Your Ultimate Relaxation

Nothing says a perfect summer day like relaxing on the beach or by the pool, under the shade of an umbrella, with a great book. But, before you throw on the flip-flops and pack your beach bag, make sure you have the perfect beach chair to lounge in on your relaxing day away. A great beach chair should be one that is easy to carry, well made, and above all, comfortable. For the best selection of beach chairs, shop online at retailers like Amazon. Stores may have one or two chairs to choose from, but when you shop online, you will have hundreds of models from which you can select.

Some of the most highly rated beach and lounge chairs on the Web are the Zero Gravity Chairs by Best Choice Products. Not only do these chairs boast rave reviews by users, experts agree that they are great for back support and lumbar alignment. Take a look below to check out all that they have to offer.

Best ChoiceProducts Zero Gravity Chairs Features

The seat cushions are made of very high-quality mesh material and they are UV resistant

  • The mesh material is all-weather and designed to breathe and keep you cool, even on the hottest summertime days
  • The zero-gravity design works so that the chair automatically adjusts to your body’s position. As the name implies, these chairs are meant to emulate the weightlessness felt by astronauts in space, while still providing your body with sound support
  • The chairs have a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds
  • While the chairs are designed to move with your body to give you maximum comfort based on the position that you are in, they do offer a lock feature, so that if you find a comfortable position or are tired of the chair position moving, you can lock it in place
  • The mesh seating of the chairs is held in place by elastic cords, so no matter your size or weight, the chairs can adjust to your body. The elastic cords are also replaceable so if they wear out over time, they can easily be reordered and replaced
  • An attachable tray and cup holder can be ordered. The tray is large enough to hold drinks, magazines, cell phones, etc.
  • They feature comfortable, padded headrests. These headrests are removable and can double as a backrest or a footrest depending on your desired position.
  • The unfolded dimensions of the chairs are: Length: 32.5"-61" x Width: 25" x Height: 33.5"-44"
  • The folded dimensions of the chairs are: Length: 38” x Width 25" x Height 6"


  • The chairs unfold and fold easily and they can be conveniently transported
  • They are perfect for use in the backyard, patio, at outdoor parties, and on camping trips
  • In the folded position, these chairs are compact and can be easily stored in the garage or a backyard shed
  • There are multiple color options, including tan, brown, turquoise, navy blue, maroon, and black, so they can be easily matched to any existing patio furniture that you already have
  • The mesh fabric of the chair dries out very quickly after rain or after being coated in morning dew
  • They are very affordable.
  • Additional accessories, including a sun visor, center table, and drink tray can be purchased for the chairs
  • Overall customers are extremely happy with the quality and comfort of these chairs
  • The chairs are not only comfortable, but are also great for back, neck, and lumbar alignment. In fact, beauty salons, reflexology offices, and day spas frequently purchase them


  • While the chairs fold and unfold easily, they do weigh 15 lbs. each, so they can be difficult to carry down to the beach, neighborhood pool, or park
  • Some users report that the locking device and the tray table, both of which are made of plastic, can easily break or crack
  • There is a very painful finger-pinch potential between the handle and the locking mechanism. Make sure to keep hands and fingers away from that area if the chair is not in a locked position
  • While the chairs themselves are relatively inexpensive, shipping can be quite expensive depending on the site that you order them from
  • Some users report that the metal frame easily rusts and can leave rust marks on decks and patios
  • Reviews warn that these chairs may not be as comfortable for individuals who are taller than 6’


A great, relaxing chair is essential for settling in to a relaxing summer vacation, or even a quick weekend catnap. The Zero Gravity chairs by Best Choice Products are a great investment for your outdoor area, camping equipment, or your go-to pool side lounger.

Overall, individuals who have purchased these chairs are very satisfied with their quality, comfort, and portability. So, order a chair, grab a great book and refreshment, and get your relaxation on!