A Small Primer on Beach Chairs


Beach chairs are always dependable, and they make all that relaxing by the surf even more relaxing and enjoyable. They will keep sand at bay and provide comfort as you take sips off of your cold drinks and read the latest bestseller.

Types of Beach Chairs

Regardless whether you are after comfort, convenience or just a spot to waste the days away by the sea, there is a style of beach chair for every consumer. This article will explain the different types and mention some tips on how to store beach chairs.

  • Lounger

First on the list is the lounger. This is a type of beach chair that is popular with everyone since it allows people to stretch out completely. You will often see this kind of beach chair by the poolside at resorts and hotels.

It comes with a pillow headrest and is the ideal chair for individuals who love tanning and sunbathing. This is the chair to go with if you want an even tan.

  • Backpack chair

The backpack chair is designed to be portable so you can carry it around without using your hands. It is lightweight and it unfolds into a chair. If you have to trek with bags in tow, you can readily strap the backpack chair on your back, hence making carrying the whole thing a breeze.

  • Travel bench

The travel bench is recommended for groups and families who take vacations together. There is a portable model as well and it can be folded and unfolded into a roomy bench. The number of people that a bench can seat will depend on the brand and the model.

  • The classic beach chair

The classic beach chair is usually indicated by its height. The classic type has a height that does not go over 12 inches above the ground. It prevents sand from getting all over your rear and allows users to spread their legs in the water or sand. It will also provide you with the chance to have even tanning on your legs since you can extend them and catch plenty of sunlight.

  • Kids’ beach chairs

The chairs designed for kids are smaller and will cater to children’s needs. Lots of brands produce beach chairs that attract kids’ imaginations too, hence you will often see models of this chair with fun, enjoyable themes. Your kid will be comfortable by the surf with this type of beach chair. These items are playful, and their designs range from animal styles to exciting butterfly styles.

As soon as you have settled on the kind of beach chair you are after, you can now check out features that will wholly improve your comfort and relaxation. Beach chairs do come with different features and their prices often vary depending on these additional aspects.

The most common features are the footrest, the headrest, cushioned armrest, a number of reclining positions, bright patterns, prints and colors, an integrated canopy for additional shade and pockets/drink holders for storing items from sunglasses to tanning sprays.

The next time you go to the beach and take in the beauty of the location while relaxing in your comfortable chair, make sure that you take advantage of that time by investing on a quality model.

Whether you are into tanning and going after that perfect golden glow or reading the latest bestseller by the shore, the beach chair will serve as an awesome accessory that you can bring on your vacation.

Beach chairs are made to be used outside, so they are often exposed to the elements, particularly salt water and sand. This is the reason why chairs require some upkeep. There are ways to store beach chairs properly, and one suggested method is to store them in a cool place after it has been washed and dried.

After using the item, you have to get rid of the salt and sand with the use of mild detergent and a soft bristle brush. It is also crucial to not store chairs that are still wet in enclosed spaces. Mildew, mold and dry rot can form and damage the integrity of the chair. Taking mildew and mold away from it will also prove to be a pain.

Now that you know the kinds of beach chairs available and how to store them, you can easily get one that you prefer and be familiar with how to take care of the item.